Sunday, April 15, 2018

Man Named Jake

Writers, artists, painters and poet are part of a group that can create their own little world. This world, with its fictitious characters, places and events, can be the scene for an entertaining creation. These make-believe “worlds” offer an escape from the stresses of the modern world in which we live.

Release your imagination and enjoy a few moments of fantasy with this poem . . . .

He went by the name of “Jake”
He used it for simplicity sake
His birth-given name was so long
People always said or penned it wrong

Living his life as Jake, day after day
His long last name slowly faded away
As years pasted, the trend would remain
Jake became a man with only one name

As time passed on, there came the fatal day
That old one-name-Jake passed away
At the memorial, town folks filled the hall
To honor one whose last name they didn’t recall

Reading the prayer card, they now remember
The man whose life they celebrating, was really. . .

                                 Heron Von Wheatin-Putin-Dusslehimmer


Our of curiosity, I googled the long last name. I got about a dozen answers, but none of them made sense with relation to the name.