Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kitten In A Huff

Today’s photo of a kitten and a blackbird was found on the internet. It does appear to be a real photo, not photo opted, because the shadows appear to be so real. 

As a writer I had the choice of who would be the “good guy” and who would be the villain. I chose to defend the kitten. After all, aren’t villains always dressed in black? Maybe someday I’ll write another poem and take the side of the blackbird that gets no respect. That’s one of the fun parts of writing….you make up your “little world” as you go.

Enjoy the poem........

Hey you dirty bird! In the interest of goodwill
Please get your feathered body off my window sill!
This is my space. Its here I nap in the warm morning sun
And, as you can see, there’s barely room enough for one

It’s utterly disgusting, the juicy worms that you guys eat.
And, as for those ugly bugs and seeds; you call that a treat?
You birds, when nature calls, who knows where “it” will land
We cats, at least, use a box filled with freshly scented sand

For the last time, this is MY private spot! It’s not for US!
Will you please leave peacefully; no need to make a fuss
Go! Just fly away my little birdie and find yourself a tree
Do your lovely tweet-tweet thing; Sing a lullaby to me

                                                      Poem by Herm Meyer


This past week the blog had it's 1000th pageview. It happened in only a little over three months. Many thanks to my faithful viewers. If you're a newcomer to the blog, welcome aboard. The support and encouragement is sincerely appreciated. . . . . . Herm 

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