Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blank Jim

The circumstances surrounding today’s poem are quite unusual to say the least. Awhile back I was awakened from a deep sleep by a strange dream. As usual, upon returning to the real world, the details of the dream were fuzzy. One thing was very clear, however…..the main character in the dream.

He was a western-style man named “Blank” Jim. The name was so odd that I got up and scribbled “Blank Jim” on a notepad next to my bed. The next morning, as I read the name, I felt it must have been an omen . . . . a signal for me to write a poem.

So here’s an original poem about a fictitious character in an imaginary western town. The photo was found with an internet search of “old cowboys” and he fit the profile of the character in my dream.  Enjoy……

From a legendary old western style town
There’s a story that’s been going around
About a character residing there within
With an unlikely handle of “Blank Jim”

The history of the moniker is strangely clouded
No one seems to knows from whence it spouted
The town folks knew him as the mysterious one
Gift of gab, jack of all trades, master of none

When it became obvious he was there to stay
Even the skeptics accepted “Blank” as A-OK
It took a while, but he won their trust in the end
Soon “Blank Jim” became known as their friend

But this friendship and trust did not last long
Soon the town was singing a different song
When the funds disappeared from the citizen’s bank
The hombre they blamed was blankety-blank Blank

Poem by Herm Meyer


Do you dream in color? Do you have an unusual dream you’d like to share with us? I welcome your response in the Comment’s Box.

Most people have never thought about dreaming in color, but when asked will probably answer that they dream in black and white. I will occasionally dream in color, but the dream will be something dramatic like a fire.

An internet search of “Dreaming in color” will yield some interesting articles.


  1. Loved your Blankety-blank character, Herm! I look forward to dreaming every night -- you never know... a poem might emerge! They say Samuel Coleridge's Kubla Khan came to being that way. (OK, maybe his was an opium-enhanced dream). I prefer drug-free dreams... and always hope to find inspiration (or, with any chance, it will be a flying or cloud hopping dream. Now those are fun!)

  2. Dreams can sure open up an interesting part of our world, can't they? I wish I could remember more of the dream details when I wake up!