Sunday, October 28, 2012

Man's Best Friend

Today’s image was from “The Saturday Evening Post”, October, 1988 edition. The illustration was done and is signed by J. F. Kernan. It reflects a style of an era past and maybe that’s why it seems nostalgic and “déjà vu” to us with today’s reality perspective.

 This image was given to me by readers Helene (Frenchie) and Herman with the comment, “Bet you can write a poem for this picture!” …… Voila! votre poeme….. mes amies!

It’s “take ten” for this hunter as he rests upon a log
It’s a friendly “at-a boy” for his loyal hunting dog
They’ve been stalking game for miles and beyond
It’s fun time for both and a strengthening of their bond

A respectful dog listens intently to words from his boss
He wants to obey and tries not, his Master, to cross
Tracking a scent and flushing out the game that’s found
It's the highlight of the day for this happy hunting hound

The hunter enjoys the outing; a commune with Mother Nature
The soft scented breeze and turning leaves, add to his pleasure
They’ve been hunting all day, but their game count? …nary, a one
Maybe, the next time out, he’ll put some bullets in his gun

                                                Poem by Herm Meyer


I haven’t hunted for years, but do remember my younger years during the U.S. depression when hunting was for many, a way to help feed their families. In today’s world many hunters have the game dressed and packaged and then, donated it to food banks that assist our homeless and needy.  That is a good thing.

I feel the wildlife management programs are another good thing. The regulated harvest of the various game animals helps to keep populations in balance and limits the herd sizes to fit the available food supplies.


  1. Bonjour Herm,

    After reading these warm autumnal words, I'm itching to get outside and see the beauty you write about. Your poem reminds me how lucky we dog lovers are.

    Thinking of you. Please send an update soon.

  2. Such a lovely and sweet picture! Yes dogs are so faithful and loyal...wish men were the same:) I am following you from Rome.