Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What If?

Recently I received an email that contained a cartoon strip by the great cartoonist Brian Crane. I loved the subtle humor it contained and as I was reading it,I’m saying to myself, “Self, you could write a poem on this “what if?” stuff!”

Brian Crane's cartoon strip "Pickles":


Not to take anything away from Mr. Crane’s great humor or talent, Here’s my humble addition to the “What if?” theme in the form of a poem. As an added challenge, I decided to make all the lines rhyme. Enjoy . . . .


 Woke up this morning in a “what if” mood
Visions of grandeur my mind did extrude

Night dreams had been abruptly curfewed
Daydreams in all their vigor rendezvoused

Seems I’d been left with a lack of gratitude
For all the good things my life did include

If I were king in a castle of great magnitude
I’d have interesting guests and never solitude

If I were rich . . . world travel I’d sure include
Exciting places . . . every latitude and longitude

If I were young, I’d be a healthy handsome dude
An astronaut to the moon I’d surely include

 Alas a voice within me said, “You’ve been miscued!
It’s a job that must be ensued. . . You need the food


As I'm writing this poem, the number of pageviews on my blog stands at 9997. In the very near future someone will be the10,000th pageview. That's a quite a milestone for me. Thanks for the support.

I published my first poem in August 27th, 2011. So it's a few days short of 2 years. Most of my readers are understandingly from the USA, but the second most popular country for my poems is Russia. Thanks again!

Who will be 10,000? We'd all like to know. Please leave us a note in the comment box. Your name and what country you live in would be great!

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