Monday, September 16, 2013

Cat's Catastrophe

If you’ve ever had a cat for a pet, you’ll be able to relate to the poem for today. It is amazing how these sweet, cuddly bundles of loving fur can also be so independent! The purring and the tenderness comes with "their" conditions.

There seems to be strings attached to the affection and if, you as the cat’s “master”, don’t live up to your end of the bargain, the cat WILL get even! After all, the cat’s doing you a favor to be living with you. Today's photo was found on the internet.

Enjoy the poem…..

Yes, I’m upset with a good reason to fret!
As you can see I’m disgustingly wet
What you see is the sorry aftermath
Of one angry cat that just got a bath
I should have been wary when I awoke
By the sugar-coated words they spoke
Sweet-talking me into a good mood
Before I got bathed and shampooed

Eyes glaring, teeth bared, thoughts obscene
Claws a scratching, it’s not a pretty scene
With back arched, I resist with all my might
Not going in that tub without a serious fight

Yes, I sure did make one heck of a fuss
But my keeper is such a stubborn cuss
Of all the people habits, baths are the worst
Next time? They’ll have to catch me first!

                                    Poem by Herm Meyer


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