Monday, October 7, 2013

A Glimpse of Paradise

It is no secret that I love France and all things French. When I received an e-mail recently entitled, “20 places that don’t look real” and saw today’s image I was, to say the least, impressed! The e-mail gives image credit to: Antony Spencer | Erasmus T.

Today’s poem is my humble attempt to put some meaningful words this great image…..Enjoy  

Rows of flowering lavender, lovely to the eye
Stretch to the horizon beneath a buttermilk sky
Carried gently on a soft summer’s breeze
A sweet aroma arouses the senses, so to please
A misty horizon unites earth with an evening sky
The curtain descends; the day’s finale and its goodbye
The setting sun paints the wistful clouds a pleasing hue
A picture perfect scene to bid a good day . . . adieu!    
Peace on earth at this point-in-time at this serene place
A world in harmony; life goes on, but at a slower pace
Where’s this peaceful locale that dreams come to dance?
If, by chance, you said, “Provence”; you know your France!

                                                                                              Poem by Herm Meyer


If anyone is heading to France, I might be available to hire on as a guide. Ha!

(Note: My French is not too good, but I sure would be an enthusiastic companion!)

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