Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Today we have another poem by guest writer and poet Norm Neville

Norm and his wife Sue are friends that live in Cave Creek, Az. . . .not to far from my home in Phoenix. Also, my wife and I enjoy the summers in the cool pines of Flagstaff with Sue and Norm in nearby vacation spots. . . . . . (when they are not traveling to exotic places around the world)

Enjoy Norm's thought provoking poem...........

What is a Friend?
A friend is someone who knows you too well
and can determine the truth of what you tell
and knowing your habits and some of your shame
this person can help you get through life’s game.
When things go wrong and the time is short
a friend will support you and even in court
because he knows your image with all its blues
may one day be his when he walks in your shoes.
A friend is someone who knows all about you
and remembers the good you so often do
and he quickly realizes just why he is there
to support your efforts no matter where.
He often can be found in your darkest hour
to be waiting around without any scour
as he is just there to help you through the shame
without judgment or opinion on who is to blame.
My friends all know me to be somewhat bazaar
and worry the someday I will wander afar
without any guidance and lacking their advice
I decide to just venture way out on thin ice.
But if the ice breaks and myself in trouble I find
they also know they will come from behind
to offer assistance in any way that they can
and pardon my judgment as a weakness of man
For they are assured that when the going gets rough
that I will be there for them just as tough
as they were for me when my luck seemed to end
for at the end of the day, I am also their friend.

From Beautiful Cave Creek - Where the Sidewalk Ends
STUFF:  Thanks. Norm!

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